Liquid Force ME Aero Wakeboard offers you ample put to help you up and over the wake. Quad vented idea channels as well as a V-hull having a progressive 3-period crossbreed rocker ME Aero Wakeboard add more a lot of traction for tough slices and straightforward raise off of the wake.

Liquid Force ME Aero Wakeboard, Crossbreed rocker, Divinycell core

Women's Liquid Force ME Aero Wakeboard 2020
Women’s Liquid Force
Me Aero Wakeboard
Women's Liquid Force ME Aero Wakeboard 2021, 138
Women’s Liquid Force
Me Aero Wakeboard
Women's Liquid Force ME Aero Wakeboard Blem 2020
Women’s Liquid Force
Me Aero Wakeboard

This product cranks it up a notch with LF’s top quality Aero design a superlight Divinycell core with C4 carbon bolstered best and bottom for toughness and power.

In December 1943, Woody Brown drove to Oahu’s North Shore with young Hawai’ian-born surfer Dickie Cross. These were pioneering years for surfers on the North Shore, yet the two were about to get involved in an incident that would resonate for a decade.
The most popular break on the North Shore was and still is the point at Sunset Beach. On December 23, 1943, Woody and Dickie Cross paddled out at Sunset during a rising swell. At that time, there were no satellite photos of weather reports to warn a surfer that a rapidly building swell was approaching, and Woody and Cross soon found themselves stuck outside at Sunset.

“All of a sudden the waves were twenty feet,” Woody remembers. “So, we got caught out there! It kept getting bigger and bigger and finally, we were sitting in this deep hole where the surf was breaking on two sides and coming into the channel.

“Then, all of a sudden, way outside in the blue water, a half mile out from where we were—and we were out a half mile from shore way out in the blue water this tremendous wave came all the way down the coast, from one end to the other. It feathered and broke out there! We thought, ‘Oh boy, so long, pal. This is the end.’ But, we were sitting in this deep hole and the huge swell came through, but didn’t break. Oh, boy! Scared the hell out of us!

“Well, there was a set of about five or six waves like that. So, after the set went by, we said, ‘Hey, let’s get the hell inside. What are we doing out here? This is no place to be! Let’s get in!’

They couldn’t get in at Sunset Beach and their only option was to paddle west about five miles to Waimea Bay, a deep crescent that might give them a chance to get to the beach. Woody was thirty one years old and wiser than Dickie Cross, who was only seventeen: “Dickie was just a gutsy young guy…. We dodged some big sets on the way to Waimea and when we got down there I wanted to sit in the channel and watch the sets. Well, Dickie just started paddling in and I tried to stop him but he wouldn’t pay any attention. It seemed like it was his time; just like something was calling him, you know? It was just like it was his time to go. I don’t know.”

ME Aero Wakeboard

Women's Liquid Force ME Wakeboard 2021, 134
Women’s Liquid Force
Me Wakeboard
Women's Liquid Force Angel Wakeboard 2021, 135
Women’s Liquid Force
Angel Wakeboard
Women's Liquid Force Aspen Wakeboard 2020
Women’s Liquid Force
Aspen Wakeboard

Cross paddled in and lost his board, and as Woody was paddling in to rescue him, another giant set came, forcing him to turn around and paddle outside. “I told him, ‘Come out, come out!’ It sounded like he said, I can’t, Woody, I’m too tired.

The last Woody Brown saw of Dickie Cross, the young Hawai’ian was swimming in through giant surf at Waimea Bay. Woody got caught inside again and lost his board. As the sun was setting, he took off his trunks for less drag and swam for the beach:

“For a moment I thought about sharks and then I thought, ‘Well, that’s stupid. I’ll probably drown first.”

Woody Brown somehow made it to the beach, but Dickie Cross was never seen again. Woody remembers having to go to the Cross family home two days before Christmas to tell them their boy had drowned. The death of Dickie Cross in giant surf at Waimea Bay put a kapu on the spot that stood for more than a decade.